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Aimee Sanchez-Zadak, Ed.D.

Aimee Sanchez-Zadak Adjunct Professor Part-Time Faculty


Professional Interests

Aimee Sanchez-Zadak, Ed.D., has served as an Adjunct Professor at NSU since 1997, teaching various courses in psychology. She serves as a Behavioral Strategist and Life Editor and developed the Counting Down program to educate individuals in corporate and private environments. Through this approach, she breaks down one's description of "feeling anxious and lost" to the core of the client's life rules based on their belief system. This process helps clients understand, predict, and resolve the triggers causing their life outcomes. Zadak also serves as chair of the Florida Breast Cancer Foundation, for which she reviews grants for the Educational and Scientific Committees. She is an advocate for women's rights to choose their health outcomes and was named among 2012's Hispanic Women of Distinction.

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