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Student Conference Travel Reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement Protocol

  1. Print out a copy of the Student Conference Travel Reimbursement form Complete and include in packet
  2. Be sure all necessary supplemental items, listed at the top of the application form, are included in packet.
  3. From the SGA link, as previously mentioned, select Travel Reimbursement Report.
    Students must SAVE the "Travel Reimbursement Report" to type information into it. Once you have opened the file, select the 3rd sheet labeled "TravelReinburseForm2007."

    Please Note: The following sections will not be reimbursed:

    1. Section 1 (A) and (B)
    2. Section 2 (H)
    3. Section 3 (K), (M), (N), (O), and (Q)

    Food will only be reimbursed up to $50 per day. ABSOLUTELY NO ALCOHOL will be reimbursed. If a receipt lists alcohol as an item, the entire receipt will be void (i.e., not reimbursed).

    Complete the form on the computer, then print out a copy and sign at the bottom (on the line identified as Traveler's Signature). Include in packet.

  4. Review accuracy of forms and be sure all criteria have been met before submitting the application in order to prevent any delay in reimbursement. Any packets that are incomplete will be returned for correction, as long as the deadline has not passed.

It is advised application packets are completed well in advance of deadline!

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