Student Government Association

Logo: Student Government Association Nova Southeastern University has many different student governments on the campus, including the College of Psychology' Student Government Association (CPS-SGA). The CPS-SGA has eight (8) elected officials that represent the student body and regularly present the students' interests to the faculty and administration. These officials, the Executive Board, also appoint student representatives to sit on various faculty committees.

The CPS-SGA is currently advised by Dr. William Dorfman and is also regularly helped by the administrative staff and faculty. Each student at the College of Psychology pays a student activity fee that entitles them to become a member of the CPS-SGA and permits them to take part in any/all of their activities. The CPS-SGA also hosts a number of social activities throughout the year such as a Florida Panthers Hockey trip, a social at "The Flight Deck" Student Union and the annual "Spring Formal." The CPS-SGA also awards "Student Conference Travel Reinbursement" to selected students who present their research at various conferences across the globe.

SGA Executive Board
President Samantha Smith
Vice President Courtney Craig
Treasurer Shelby Zuckerman
Secretary Elyse Heidelberg
PsyD Rep Silviana Guerra
PhD Rep Kelly Doyle Painter
Masters Rep Justin Andrusco
School Psych Rep Judd Vlietstra
Public Relations Nicole Milano
1st Year PsyD Rep Kristine Diaz-Albertini
1st Year Phd Rep Joanna Tsikis
Social Chair Mariapia Freile
Community Relations Chair Chelsey Mahler
1st Year Masters Rep Cynthia Niebles
1st Year School Psych Rep Jessica Dirscoll

Please feel free to contact the CPS-SGA at if you have any questions or concerns. The CPS-SGA office is located on the second floor in Room 2056 and the phone number is (954) 262-5909.