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Photo: Dean Karen Grosby

Dean's Message

I am pleased to extend you a warm welcome to Nova Southeastern University and the College of Psychology.  We hope to guide you through a rich and transformative journey where you will grow personally, academically and socially on the road to becoming major contributors to our society. Our aim is to guide you in your development of skills needed to impact the quality of life of individuals, families, institutions, and communities.  

Our College offers bachelor’s degree programs in psychology and behavioral neuroscience, as well as graduate programs in clinical and school psychology, counseling, experimental psychology, forensic psychology, and general psychology, along with other specialized training experiences. Our outstanding faculty guide students, not only in discovering and appreciating the factual content of their respective fields of study, but also in developing the critical and creative thinking skills essential to producers or consumers of science and the investigative skills of aspiring professionals, researchers, and clinicians.

The scope of psychology, counseling, neuroscience and related fields is expansive, as our disciplines describe and explain the effects of psychological processes from the level of individual brain cells to the scale of complex social interactions. The areas of expertise our faculty collectively possess are similarly diverse. Regardless of the specific field or subfield of study, however, our students benefit from the greater involvement that small classes provide and from the related opportunities for research collaborations and for experiential placements in community settings.

While the lasting memories of one’s years at a university surely include many events beyond the confines of the classroom, one’s day-to-day enjoyment while enrolled as a university student depends largely on his or her chosen field of study and engagement with its particular subject matter. The College of Psychology is proud to house engaging undergraduate majors, an array of highly regarded graduate programs and related training opportunities and a clinic that serves our community. We hope that these opportunities at our university will figure positively in the memories our students of their university experience.

Conducting basic and applied research and providing quality assessment and treatment of psychological problems is one of the greatest challenges facing modern society. The College seeks to address these challenges by providing a broad range of training, by conducting research that addresses society’s pressing problems, and by offering services to the community through its clinics.

On behalf of the faculty and staff of the College of Psychology, I am pleased to welcome you to Nova Southeastern University. It is my sincere belief and hope that you will find your time here richly rewarding, both during your enrollment with us and, retrospectively, as alumni entering the workforce or continuing to pursue your educational goals.

Karen Grosby Signature

Karen S. Grosby, Ed. D.
Dean, College of Psychology

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