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Thank you for visiting the College of Psychology Employee Resources webpage. We encourage you to use this page as a resource as it will contain helpful information for faculty, staff, and students.

Our office serves as a link between employees in the College of Psychology and central offices such as Human Resources, Payroll, NSU Finance, and Student Employment amongst others. Please reach out to us for assistance or feel free to stop by to visit us in the Maltz Building on the NSU Fort Lauderdale - Davie Campus.

Toni Consalvo, M.Acc. Business Administrator (954) 262-7114
Carise S. Crevecoeur, M.S. Employee Services Consultant III (954) 262-8341
Digna Guttierrez, M.B.A., M.S. Budget Analyst II (954) 262-5612
Stacy Ann Palmer, Ph.D. Employee Services Consultant I (954) 262-5765

Our student employees play an important role in our workforce in the College of Psychology! Below are all the links that will help you learn more about NSU’s Student Employment process as well as all the information that you will need to get started. Please note that you must complete the hiring process with our office and receive official clearance before you can start your new position.

Important Forms for student employees

Student Biweekly Time Sheet

Timesheets are due on a biweekly basis, every non-pay Friday by the end of the business day at 5pm. If you work in the evening, you must submit your timesheet upon clocking out that non-pay Friday. Timesheets are to only be used for corrections or in special pre-approved situations by the Employee Resources Department. Students must log in their hours using Sharktime. All timesheets must be properly completed and must be signed by supervisor prior to being submitted to our office. The current payroll calendar is available at

Please note that the first and last paycheck from NSU will always be sent to your HR/Payroll address via US Mail. You can review your HR/Payroll address in the Employee Self-Service app, by selecting “View Profile” in the “Employee Dashboard”.

The student employee’s supervisor must submit an OIIT ticket requesting VPN access for the employee and note the ticket number at the top of the Kronos Mobile Access Request Form. Request forms will not be processed without the OIIT ticket number for the VPN access noted at the top of the form in the red box.

Historical edit forms are used to make corrections for a past pay period. They must be submitted to our office as soon as possible and must be signed by the student employee’s supervisor.

The College of Psychology may require students to submit to background checks and/or drug screenings. This will be particularly applicable to students assigned to clinical and counseling placements. 

College of Psychology Drug Screening

College of Psychology students may be required to submit to urine drug screen testing. Students who test positive for illegal or illicit drugs, marijuana even if prescribed or certified by a physician, or for a controlled substance for which they do not have a prescription, will be referred to the College to be handled in connection with the College’s policies and procedures.

College of Psychology Background Screening

The NSU College of Psychology may require students within its graduate programs to submit to a background check, as defined in Chapter 435, Florida Statutes, prior to enrollment in a practicum, internship, or other training activity. Each College of Psychology program may have program-specific requirements for background screening of students that can be found in their program and/or practicum and internship handbooks. Students enrolled in such programs are required to authorize the NSU College of Psychology or affiliate clinical training facilities to obtain background check(s) pursuant to this policy.

If the background check(s) reveals information of concern, which the NSU College of Psychology may deem unfavorable, the College will request that the individual provide a detailed written explanation of the information contained in this report, along with appropriate documentation (e.g., police reports). Students may also be required to authorize clinical training facilities that they are assigned to by the College of Psychology to obtain a background check with the results reported to the clinical training facility. Acceptance of a background screening by an NSU College of Psychology program does not automatically guarantee that a student with information of concern will be accepted by clinical training facilities to which they may be assigned. Students with questions concerning the background checks should contact their respective college and/or academic program for more information.

If information received in connection with any background check indicates that the student has provided false or misleading statements, has omitted required information, or in any way is unable to meet the requirements for completion of the program, then the student may be disciplined or dismissed, or his or her enrollment may be terminated.

Students enrolled in NSU’s College of Psychology have a continuing duty to disclose any arrest, conviction, guilty or no contest plea, adjudication of guilt withheld for a criminal offense or participation in a pretrial diversion program or its equivalent for any criminal offense. Students are required to notify the dean’s office within 10 days of any arrest or subsequent conviction, guilty or no contest plea, or participation in a pretrial diversion program or its equivalent for any criminal offense.

While enrolled at NSU, students have a continuing duty to disclose all of the above, along with any arrests or pending criminal charges, within 10 days of any arrest or charges filed. Students must notify the Dean or designee of any arrests or pending criminal charges. A failure to timely disclose any arrests or pending criminal charges may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal from NSU.

Due to the nature of our daily operations, our students and many of our staff and faculty are required to go through a background screening. In addition, individuals working in our clinics and some employees are required to complete the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Research training. Please note that you will be notified of any required training or screening by your immediate supervisor or by the Employee Resources team.   

Level II Screening

This more widely required screening is required for psychology students heading into internship and for employees who held positions that involve information of sensitive nature including all employees in the clinics. Please watch the quick instructional video on how to complete the packet before you start filling out the paperwork. For any questions, please reach out to our Employee Resources team.

This screening is completed by the NSU Public Safety office and payments are accepted through the marketplace HERE. Please select “Level II with NSU Public Safety”

It is important for you to watch the video below for instructions. The link for the forms are also listed below.

background video screening image

Click HERE for the Level II forms that must be completed.

We encourage you to take the time to visit the many opportunities available to you as an NSU employee by visiting the following links

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