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Forensic Studies Minor

The forensic studies minor brings the insights of several disciplines to bear on the criminal investigation process. This minor provides a multi-disciplinary course of study (criminal justice, psychology, and chemistry) and is an appropriate minor for students seeking a basic foundation in the essentials of crime scene investigation and analysis. It is a complimentary minor for students majoring in criminal justice, psychology, chemistry, or legal studies, and provides a foundation for criminal justice practitioners seeking a basic understanding of forensic techniques. This minor is also an appropriate course of study for students majoring in other disciplines who have an interest in law enforcement and continued study in forensic science. This minor may be combined with any other major or minor. A minimum of 9 credits must be exclusive to the minor and cannot be counted toward any other majors/minors/certificate programs.

Forensic Studies Minor Requirements (19 credits)

CHEM 1200 Survey of Forensic Science/Lab (4 credits)
CRJU 3220 Policing (3 credits)
CRJU 3400 Criminal Investigation (3 credits)
CRJU 3700 The CSI Effect: Media and Criminal Justice (3 credits)
PSYC 2450 Forensic Psychology (3 credits)
PSYC 3270 The Psychology of Criminal Behavior (3 credits)

The academic program and curriculum requirements listed on this page are from the 2014-2015 edition of the NSU Undergraduate Student Catalog. Students are bound by policies and curricula published in the catalog in effect the semester they enter the university, unless an agreement is made with appropriate NSU administration officials allowing them to abide by policies published in a later catalog.