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Non-Degree Seeking Students

  1. Complete the master's programs application form.
  2. Include, with the application, a check for $50 (nonrefundable application fee) made out to Nova Southeastern University.
  3. Submit two letters of recommendation with completed forms from professors, employers, supervisors, or similar persons most familiar with your work.
  4. Arrange for official transcripts from all accredited colleges or universities attended to be mailed 
  5. For Mental Health Counseling Program: Submit a letter specifying desired course work.
  6. For School Counseling Program: Submit Florida Department of Education Statement of Eligibility for Certification, indicating course work required. Include a copy of your teaching certificate (school counseling applicants only). Applicants may request a waiver of this requirement by contacting the Office of Graduate Admissions (954) 262-5760.
  7. For Applied Behavior Analysis Program: If you already have master’s degree, please contact the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) and obtain written confirmation that your master’s degree is considered an acceptable degree. Upload written documentation with application materials.
  8. Where applicable for international students, applicants should submit English proficiency scores.
  9. An interview or additional documentation may be required for purposes of screening or advisement. Applicants are responsible for ensuring that their file is complete and received by the announced deadline. Check on the status of your file with the Office of Graduate Admissions, (954) 262-5760, prior to the application deadline.

For Florida School Counseling Certification, the ten courses/content areas are as follows:

  • PYCL 0503 - Counseling Theories for School Counselors*
  • PYCL 0511 - Introduction to Counseling Techniques*
  • PYCL 0510 - Career Development and College Planning
  • PYCL 0512 - Human Growth & Development*
  • PYCL 0515 - Principles of School Counseling* 
  • PYCL 0550 - Contemporary Clinical Interventions*
  • PYCL 0571 - Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues for School Counselors*
  • PYCL 0560 - Appraisal & Evaluation in School Counseling
  • PYCL 0585 - Psychology of Exceptional and At-Risk Children
  • PYCL 0635 - Group Theory and Practice*
  • PYCL 0665 - School Consultation Skills*
  • PYCL 0685 - School Counseling Practicum* 
  • PYCL 0688 / PYCL 0689 - School Counseling Internship / Continuing School Counseling Internship

*These courses must be completed before applying for internship.

Application Deadlines

Students may be admitted to main campus programs for fall, winter, or summer sessions. Field-based cluster admission periods will vary. Specific application information related to site(s) are included in a separate application packet available from the College of Psychology or through this webpage.

How to Apply

To access a step-by-step guide on the application process, click here.

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