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Tuition and Fees

Students are expected to pay tuition in full at the time of registration. Students receiving financial aid must familiarize themselves with the requirements of that office with regard to payments and may defer payment only if they have been officially notified of an award. Once a loan check is disbursed, students will be responsible for making all appropriate payments.

The total expenses of students enrolled in doctoral programs vary greatly depending on individual circumstances. While tuition, registration, and other fees,* and the cost of books are relatively constant for all students, other expenses will differ.

General Tuition and Fee Information

Tuition (Undergraduate) $1,079 per credit hour
Tuition (Master's) $815 per credit hour
Tuition (Psy.S. Specialist) $885 per credit hour
Tuition (Doctoral) $1,195 per credit hour
Application Fee  $50 (nonrefundable)
Registration Fee $30 per semester
Late Payment Penalty $100
Student Services Fee $500 per semester (4 credits or more)
$250 per semester (1-3 credits)
Professional Liability Insurance $10 per semester
Transcript Fee $10 per transcript
Degree Application Fee $100 (final semester only)

Counseling (M.S.)

Practicum Fee $750 (online students only)
Late Registration Penalty $50 per semester
Fingerprinting/Background Checks Fee determined by agency
Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Exam $75 per attempt for CMHC students only
Extra exam fees may apply depending on where students elect to take the CPCE

Experimental Psychology; Forensic Psychology; General Psychology (M.S.)

Some courses may require additional fees for laboratory and/or equipment (e.g. calculator, testing materials) and supplemental course materials.

Clinical Psychology (Ph.D. and Psy.D.); School Psychology (Psy.D.)

Seat Deposit $1,000 (nonrefundable; payable after acceptance and credited toward tuition)

*Please note that all fees below are subject to change without notice. Students should anticipate an annual review of fees by the university and possible increases.

Students have three (3) working days from the date of signing an enrollment contract or financial agreement with the university to cancel the contract and receive a full refund of any tuition and registration fees paid. Further, a student shall receive a full refund of tuition and registration fees paid by the student before the commencement of instruction if the student submits a written request to the institution within three working days of the payment.
NSU requires all students to carry adequate health insurance coverage. Therefore, students will automatically be enrolled in the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan, and their student accounts will be charged when they register for classes. Students who already have health insurance must opt out of the NSU Student Health Insurance Plan each academic year by the given waiver deadline for their program. For detailed information, including waiver deadlines, access to the online waiver, NSU Student Health Insurance Plan features, costs, and more, students should visit the Bursar’s website.

NSU offers to all students-on campus, online, clinical or hybrid-the same quality education and many opportunities for student benefits depending on the student’s choice of educational modality. Therefore, the University sets the overall student fees on an aggregate, student-centric basis for the entire student body. The overall costs exceed the amount collected from student fees charged to all students.

These student fees are blended together to create 1NSU with high-tech systems, student activities, and many other essential student services that make a complete, integrated university. This mission transcends the development and ultimate determination of the amount of student fees for all students, irrespective of their choice of learning modality.

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