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Adjunct professor receives travel grant for psychology conference

Biennial conference to take place in California

College of Psychology Adjunct Professor Melanie MacEacheron, Ph.D., received a travel grant to present research at the 2nd Biennial Heterodoxy in Psychology Conference, which will take place January 9-12, 2020 in California.

MacEacheronOrganized by Chapman University, the conference "provides an interactive forum for the exchange of research and ideas that are ideologically and intellectually heterodox in the science, teaching, and practice of psychology and allied disciplines as well as ideas on how to foster and promote heterodox work."

MacEacheron is presenting on a study conducted with her colleague Maryanne Fisher, a professor in the Department of Psychology at Saint Mary’s University in Canada.

“We sought to simultaneously make a survey concerning family relations understandable by laypeople and of reasonable length, while also using language inclusive of different family types and of different political perspectives,” MacEacheron said.

MacEacheron and Fisher sought to ensure their study's validity in part by wording it so as to be maximally intelligible to all eligible women, and of potential interest to any eligible woman, regardless of her family structure and location across the political spectrum.

“In our presentation we will provide an overview of our so-far-successful design, why it needed to include biological relationship language, and how we successfully navigated the use of such design and language,” MacEacheron said.

At NSU, MacEacheron currently teaches Psychological Research Methods.

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