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Dean Karen Grosby hosted state of the college meeting

Dean Grosby provided updates on staff, course evaluations, and the college well being.

On Thursday, May 26th, College of Psychology Dean Karen Grosby, Ed.D., hosted a state of the college meeting with staff to provide updates on several issues facing the college.

college meeting Dean Grosby college meeting

Over lunch in Maltz 2057, Dr. Grosby discussed the results of a recent employee satisfaction survey conducted within the college. Based on the results, the administration will work to improve communication with employees. The college is also joining a university-wide initiative to implement a new course evaluation system in use at the University of Kansas. This new system focuses on measuring the course itself rather than the professor.

Professors Jan Faust, Ph.D. and Steven Gold, Ph.D., recently secured donor funding that will assist their work. Several college programs also received re-accreditation or initial accreditation.

Dr. Grosby also announced the retirement of Associate Dean Tom Fagan, Ph.D. As a professor, Fagan taught courses such as Abnormal Psychology, Forensic Psychology, and Personality. He was also well respected and admired by faculty, staff, and students. He will be greatly missed. Dr. Grosby acknowledged the death of Eugene May, Ph.D., who served as a Visiting Professor during the 1993-94 academic year. A Tennessee native, Dr. May taught courses like Humanistic Therapy and previously worked with the Department of Veterans Affairs.

The dean plans to offer more of these meetings in the future.

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