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Psychology is an exciting major that will help you understand the behavior of yourself and others. Our psychology courses cover a wide variety of topics and are taught in small classroom settings by energetic and dedicated faculty. We provide many opportunities for students to participate in research or gain clinical experience. We place students in a variety of settings to gain clinical experience such as local community mental health organizations, local schools, and substance abuse clinics.

Students in this psychology program have a unique opportunity to participate in and conduct research. Many students work personally with faculty on research topics such as sleep disturbances, mate selection, physical activity and cognition, eyewitness memory, the detection of deception, developmental issues, and the effects of stress on cognition.

Many of our students present at the college's annual Undergraduate Research Symposium, and others have presented research at major research meetings like the Society for Neuroscience, Association for Psychological Science, the Psychonomic Society, the Society for Personality and Social Psychology, among others. Additionally, many students have co-authored papers that have appeared in leading academic journals.

If you have any questions about the major, please feel free to ask any psychology professor, or myself. We look forward to seeing you in class.


W. Matthew Collins, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Why Choose This Major?

  • Psychology is the scientific study of thinking, emotion, and behavior. Expertise in this area prepares students for success in a wide range of career paths.
  • Students of psychology comprehensively examine "why people are the way they are," from their personalities to their perceptions of the world.
  • There are many exciting sub-disciplines within psychology. A broad framework of courses promotes understanding in diverse areas, such as cognition, biological bases of behavior, development, personality theory, and research design. This extensive training enables students of psychology to integrate knowledge across many scientific disciplines.

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