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Why Choose this Major?

At the College of Psychology, we offer an exciting M.S. in Experimental Psychology program. Our courses are taught by energetic faculty who are actively involved with research in their areas of expertise. Our faculty members engage students in the classroom by discussing the latest research breakthroughs and in the laboratory by developing students' research skills.

Students gain experience by conducting independent research projects that advance our knowledge of human behavior. The goal of our program is to prepare our graduates for rewarding careers in psychology and for admission to psychology doctoral programs. By earning an M.S. in Experimental Psychology, our graduates become stronger candidates for competitive Ph.D. programs in a variety of areas of psychology and neuroscience.

We encourage students who want to be challenged in the classroom and who seek research opportunities in behavioral neuroscience and social, cognitive, and developmental psychology to consider our graduate program.


Jonathan Banks, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Why Choose This Program?

  • To develop mastery of advanced theoretical, statistical, and methodological foundations of experimental psychology
  • To prepare for a professional career as a researcher and experimental psychologist
  • To prepare for admission into a doctoral program in psychology

The M.S. in Experimental Psychology degree prepares students for research-focused doctoral programs as well as career opportunities that include teaching and research in industrial, government, private consulting, health care, and community settings.

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