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Counseling students author articles in association newsletter

Newsletter published online in July

Justin MakiA group of Counseling students at NSU's College of Psychology recently collaborated on articles featured in a counseling association’s newsletter.

The 23 students worked on the articles as part of Assistant Professor Justin Maki’s class PYCL 0570 - Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues for Counselors. The articles, published by the Florida Association for Multi-Cultural Counseling and Development (FAMCD) focused on topics like social justice or advocacy, as well as how the COVID-19 pandemic was affecting special populations.

The articles by NSU students include:

  • "Advocacy for Veterans During COVID-19" By LoForte, S., Delaney, R., Wolfe, M., & Moulton, T.
  • "Making a Change: How Counselors can Fight Against Human Trafficking" By Jeanty, P.B., Baker, D., Willis, E., & Castillo, W.
  • "Counselors as Advocates for Survivors of Mass Shootings" By Medina, l., Rojas, n., Nichols, J., &, Fauerbach, K.
  • "The Homeless aren't Helpless: Advocacy through Counseling" By Passarelli, V., Sanchez, M., & Basile, S.
  • "How Covid-19 is Affecting Immigrants and Refugees" By Cobo, J. J., Alomayrah, N., Johnston, J., & Dinnebell, K.
  • "Gay Men Still Being Discriminated Against When Donating Blood" By Torres, A., Suarez, F., Vidal, J., & Garcia, N.

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