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Geriatric Education and Research Organization

The Geriatric Education and Research Organization (GERO) at the College of Psychology at Nova Southeastern University was formed in 2016 by a team of students interested in providing education and conducting research in the field of geriatric psychology.

Living in South Florida, where the population of older adults is rapidly expanding, we all strongly believe that having a strong foundational awareness of our aging population is part of our duty as budding clinicians. Our organization was created to assist graduate level students explore their interests in geriatric populations across multiple arenas, which is why we pride ourselves on our high level research, involvement in our surrounding community, gero-diversity, and our speaker series where we have experts in the community come and present on topics that they specialize in.

GERO meets on a monthly basis and through these meetings we are consistently striving to increase our members knowledge on geriatric topics such as successful aging, psychological well-being, diversity, the importance of self-care in late life, and the impact that we can have as growing clinicians on our community. GERO not only serves as an educational service for graduate students, but also as a beacon of community outreach and a place where students can grow their geriatric research ideas and take them from conceptualization to publication.

Keep up to date with our current organization activities by following us on all of our social media accounts!

Instagram: @NSU_GERO_Club

And if you’re interested in working with us here at GERO, please send an email to! We can’t wait to work with you!

Executive Board 2023-2024
President Jillian Crocker
Vice President Samantha Diaz
Treasurer Logan DAnna
Secretary Carla Rodriguez
Social Media Coordinator Stephanie Cardentey
GeroDiversity Chair Alexia Hirlemann
Community Outreach Gina Gagliardi
Research Chair Ashleigh Beaulieu
Event Coordinator

Natalie Driver 

Fundraising Chair

Jenna Binaco 

Advocacy Chair

Renata Dickinson

Wellness Representative

 Gabriella Taylor

First Year Representative(s)

Hannah Friedland

Amanda Morgan

Faculty Advisor Dr. Ashley Stripling
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