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Graduate Organization for Partnerships and Learning with Adolescents and Youths

GO PLAY was created to encourage and provide opportunities for NSU College of Psychology students to participate in service-learning projects with adolescents and youth. The goals of this organization include:

  1. Providing adolescents and youth in the community with enjoyable and enriching activities, allowing them to have experiences that are memorable, exciting, fun, and empowering despite any challenges they may face.
  2. Providing respite and resources for parents and guardians.
  3. Initiation of research involving pediatric populations, (e.g., at-risk youth, children with medical illnesses, and children with developmental delays) in partnership with the community agencies who serve these children.
  4. Provide students with opportunities for relevant training and education around working in the community with various pediatric populations.
  5. Collaboration with fellow students within and outside of the College of Psychology, particularly other graduate trainees in the health professions, to provide various opportunities with adolescents and youth in the community.
  6. Fostering of opportunities in which studies may develop an awareness of the challenges facing community children.
  • Go Play Bylaws

Executive Board 2023-2024
President Luca Hartman
Vice President Melodie Abinader
Treasurer Samantha Posada
Secretary Tahira Kassam
Public Relations Jorgia Wilson
Community Relations Co-Chairs

Alana Seenarine

Sarah Ackerman

First Year Representative Tiffany Goncalves
Faculty Advisor Dr. Jessica Valenzuela
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