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Humanitarian Global Outreach

Humanitarian Global Outreach (HGO) is a student organization that aims to close the gap between science and service. Our mission is to adapt evidence-based treatment to benefit a more diverse and underserved population, both domestically and internationally. HGO emphasizes the fulfillment of psychosocial needs during humanitarian crises, thus improving mental health outcomes. Further, we collaborate with non-profit organizations, educators, and other established community leaders to promote delivery of high-quality psychological services through the provision of psychoeducation and culturally-adapted assessments and interventions. Through these cross-cultural service experiences, HGO provides students with opportunities to develop cultural humility and improve clinical skills necessary for working with diverse populations. By helping to foster this mutually beneficial relationship between students and people in need, HGO seeks to enhance both the wellness of our global community and the personal growth of our students.

Executive Board 2022-2023
President Jeanan Fares 
Vice President Stevie Schapiro
Treasurer Tionna Boddie
Secretary Camilia Oharriz
Social Media Chair Jocelyn Meza
Community Outreach Chloe Gehl 
Research Chair Ines Tchienga
Fundraising Chair Casey Morocho
First Year Representative Isabella Kneider
Faculty Advisor Dr. Stephen Campbell
Faculty Advisor Dr. Oraib Toukhly
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