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NSPIRE- Nova Students for the Prevention and Intervention of suicide and Response to Emergencies. As an organization built by graduate students focused on the prevention and intervention of suicide, NSPIRE was created to provide opportunities for students to become involved in community and campus wide activities that promote research, intervention and prevention of suicide. Our population interests include, but are not limited to, children and adolescents, first responders, teachers, parents, and students. We hope to provide education to students and community members to end the stigma of suicide, and empower and support families affected by suicide.

Executive Board 2022-2023
President Alexandria (Alli) Wendel
Vice President Christina Castellana
Treasurer Chris Koch
Secretary Shelby Loeb
Research Chair

Brianna Domaceti

Community Outreach Chair Kiara Williams
Public Relations Jillian Hersman
Social Media Chair Angel Longus
First Year Representative Lindsay Giammalvo
Faculty Advisor(s)

Dr. Ralph (Gene) Cash

Dr. Scott Poland

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