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Positive Psychology Organization


The purpose of this organization will be to provide opportunities for graduate students in psychology to advance their knowledge and understanding of positive psychology. As the field of positive psychology continues to grow and expand, this organization will keep up to date on the new research and findings, as well as disseminate this information in a way that is both palatable and applicable. This organization will do this by facilitating research and being active advocates in the surrounding community.


  1. Assuage student fears regarding conducting research within the field of psychology and help students conduct their own research within their respective areas of interest.
    1. Provide a mentoring system in which students with more research experience are paired with other students based on their subject of interest.
    2. Guide students through the research process from conception to conference presentation and publication.
  2. Encourage student collaboration and exploration of common research interests, recent findings, and clinical interventions throughout the growing field of positive psychology.
  3. Bring in subject experts and other professionals to present and lecture on topics of positive psychology, as well as recent research in the field.
  4. Provide volunteering opportunities and promote participation in community events to increase student involvement.


Executive Board 2023-2024
President Karlie Rich
Vice President Topaz Cohen
Treasurer Danny Bui
Secretary Alexis Israel
Community Outreach Kat Andre
Research Coordinator Adrian Rodriguez
Public Relations Alexandra Bourlas
First Year Representative TBD
Faculty Advisor Dr. Barry Nierenberg
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