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Photo: Students United for Returning Veterans

Students United for Returning Veterans

SURVThe Students United for Returning Veterans (SURV) at NSU's College of Psychology was formed in 2008/2009 by a group of students interested in the experiences of returning combat veterans. The United States of America is no stranger to war, and as technology improves and times change, those working to support returning veterans are working to keep up. From the World Wars to where our men and women are currently stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan, much has changed in the way of understanding the many different effects that can come with the experience of combat.

SURV was created with the intent to investigate the most effective ways to support any needs returning combat veterans may have, to generate awareness, and to facilitate research. The group has received a great amount of interest and support from faculty and other individuals dedicated to serving the needs of those who have served our country.

SURV Executive Board 2019-2020
President Seniz Warner
Vice President Daniella Lopez Palacios
Treasurer Joshua Deitte
Community Outreach Coordinator Brianne Freeman
Veterans Resource Center (VRC) Liasion Leslie Darnell
Fundraising Coordinator Jourdan Rodak
Research Coordinator Damin Hadorn-Papke
First Year Representative Katharine Salgado
Faculty Advisor Dr. Douglas Gibson
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