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Program Format

The typical format is designed for the working professional with courses offered primarily on weekends and evenings. Students will typically take nine credit hours per semester; including the summer term. The degree is designed with an expected completion date of four years, including a one-year internship. Within the first semester of training, students may elect to follow a three-year program designed for traditional, non-working students. Regardless of the pace with which students complete the program, all coursework and field-based experiences within the curriculum are required, including two practica, one of which will be school-based.

The specialist program is offered on the Fort Lauderdale-Davie Campus and in an online format (with residential institutes).

Required Courses: 79 Total Credits. View Course Descriptions

PSY 0700 Learning and Human Development 3
PSY 0705 Diversity Considerations in School Psychology 3
PSY 0710 Psychology of Exceptional and At-Risk Children 3
PSY 0715 Child and Adolescent Psychopathology 3
PSY 0735 Organization and Operation of Schools 3
PSY 0770 Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues for School Psychologists 3
PSY 0798 Seminar in School Psychology: Introduction 1.5
PSY 0799 Seminar in School Psychology: Current Topics 1.5
PSY 0780 Academic Assessment for Intervention 3
PSY 0782 Cognitive Assessment: Theory, Research and Practice with Lab 4
PSY 0784 Cognitive Assessment II: Linking Assessment to Intervention 3
PSY 0786 Assessment of Personality and Social-Emotional Functioning for Intervention  3
PSY 0792 Comprehensive Data-Based Assessment: Integrated Report 3
PSY 0730 Instructional Strategies for Students with Diverse Needs 3
PSY 0742 Evidence-Based Treatment of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders of 
Children and Adolescents
PSY 0750 Counseling Theories and Techniques 3
PSY 0755 School Consultation Skills 3
PSY 0760 Contemporary Clinical Interventions for the School Psychologists 3
PSY 0765 Applied Behavioral Assessment and Intervention 3
RED 0550 Foundations of Reading for Content Area Teachers 3
PSY 0740 Educational Statistics 3
PSY 0745 Issues and Techniques in Research Design & Evaluation  3
PSY 0800 Practicum in School Psychology: School Based 3
PSY 0805 Practicum in School Psychology: Applied Skills 3
PSY 0810 Internship in School Psychology 6

Below is a comparison between the in-person vs. the online format.




Program Length

2 years of classwork and 1 year of internship (typically paid)

2.5-3 years of classwork and 1 year of internship (typically paid)


79 credits

79 credits



Fall and Winter

Application Deadlines

January 8, 2024 / June 30, 2024

January 8, 2024 / June 30, 2024

November 15, 2023

Class format

Weekly evening classes (typically 1-2 per semester)

Intensive weekend classes (typically 1-2 per semester)

*Select weekend classes are hybrid – meet one full weekend in person and include online asynchronous work

Weekly online synchronous evening classes (typically 1-2 per semester)

Intensive online synchronous weekend classes (typically 1-2 per semester)

*Classes will meet two weekends, additional asynchronous work or online synchronous meetings may be required

Onsite requirements

All classes are held in person on FTL campus (students must live within driving distance to campus)

Students must attend in-person Residential Skills Development Institute yearly (3 full days plus travel time)

Practicum Requirements

2 practicum classes (125 and 150 practicum hours in school and clinic settings)


Practicum placements are arranged by the program office

2 practicum classes (125 and 150 practicum hours in school setting)

Students are encouraged to investigate available school districts for practicum placements prior to starting the program. We seek to partner with school districts that follow the NASP Practice Model. Practicum sites will be expected to meet program requirements with regard to field experiences and supervision. If prospective applicants struggle to identify school districts for their practicum, they are encouraged to contact the program office for support.

Program Approval

Approved by FL DOE and National Association of School Psychologists

Approved by FL DOE and National Association of School Psychologists*

 *For out-of-state applicants, Florida DOE-specific requirements may be waived or replaced by state-specific DOE requirements.

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