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Psy.S. Student Resources

If you’re interested in learning more about our specialist program in school psychology, please feel free to reach out to any of our student ambassadors to discuss your interests and answer your questions.

Diya Arun


Hello everyone. My name is Diya, and I am a second-year specialist student in NSU’s School Psychology Specialist program.  I graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a major in psychology and a minor in sociology. My interests include promoting culturally responsive behavior practices in schools, promoting equity, and I have recently gained an interest in bilingual assessment since I come from a bilingual background. I am currently doing my practicum with Broward County Schools, I am a member of NASP, and I am the social justice co-chair for GrASP. During my free time, I enjoy painting and listening to vinyl records.

I am so grateful to have chosen NSU to pursue my degree. The level of support I have experienced from peers and professors within the program has been unlike most of my previous academic experiences.  One thing I appreciate the most about our program and faculty is their lack of complacency. Our program is constantly providing students with new opportunities and thinking of ways to help them become better professionals. Please reach out to me if you have any questions about our program.

Ashley Beguiristain


My name is Ashley M. Beguiristain, and I began the School Psychology Specialist program in Fall 2021. I received my bachelor's degree from St. Thomas University in Miami Gardens in 2019. I have developed an interest in mental health in children and adolescents. My experience in the program has made me grateful to continue my education. This program has not only been eye opening in my areas of interest, but I became aware of my skills and certain qualities that I did not know I was able to acquire. I appreciate all the faculty and my cohort, as it feels like we are one big supportive family. The faculty are always available to hear any concerns or questions. Please reach out if you have any questions!  

Lauren Brightwell


Hi! My name is Lauren Brightwell, and I am a specialist student here at NSU in the School Psychology program. I received my bachelor’s in psychology with a minor in criminal justice from Florida Atlantic University in December 2019 and started at NSU in Fall 2020. I currently work as a behavioral therapist for young children with autism, so I know all about that school/work balance! Some of my interests include trauma-informed decision making, supporting students who are grieving, autism spectrum disorder, pre-school assessments and interventions, and working with students who are Deaf and hard of hearing. The best advice I can give anyone entering the program is to make friends with the people in your cohort, because they will be your support system through both the challenging and rewarding times as you pursue your degree. What I love the most about NSU is that the faculty consistently do their best to support all students with anything you need, create opportunities for you to expand your knowledge and skill set, and are always ready to offer their guidance to help you achieve your goals. It is an honor to be working toward my graduate degree here at NSU where I know my work and opinions are valued. Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, I would love to hear from you!  

Sofia Cabal


Hello! My name is Sofia, and I started the school psychology specialist program in Fall 2020. I graduated from Florida International University with a psychology major. I am originally from Colombia but have done most of my schooling here in the United States. My interests include assessments, recruitment, and retention of culturally and diverse graduate students and implementing self-care practices as students (I know it’s hard). I LOVE sushi and cats. Some advice I’d like to offer as you come into the program is to take advantage of the countless opportunities NSU has to offer, especially in the College of Psychology. If you have the opportunity, attend conferences, watch webinars, reach out to professors, and make lots of friends. Don’t be afraid to advocate for yourself and express what your interests are! Please reach out if you have any questions! 

Michaela Michener



Hello! My name is Michaela, and I am third-year specialist student here at Nova. My interests included early intervention, parental/family involvement and outreach, preschool assessments and interventions, and autism spectrum disorder. During my time here at Nova, I worked as a teacher’s aide at the Baudhuin Preschool, so I know all about having a work/school life balance! I am currently the NASP student leader for the specialists and the chair elect of our GrASP program. In my free time I enjoy going to Chick-fil-a, playing pickleball, and game nights with my friends.  


Nova Southeastern has a fantastic school psychology program that has not only allowed me to grow in my career skills, but the flexibility to grow as a person as well. The experience from the professors and faculty are unmatched, and their desire to truly help you learn is evident. I have made friends in this program that I know I will have for the rest of my life. This program allows students to have countless opportunities to explore their interests and reach their career goals. Whether its working while in school, graduate school involvement, or general life questions, Nova has given me the opportunity to explore and thrive in all of these areas, and I would love the opportunity to talk to you about how Nova can help you achieve your dream career.  

Ricardo Mogo


Hello! My name is Ricardo Mogo, and I am a specialist student on the 4-year track here at our wonderful Nova Southeastern University. I emigrated from Venezuela at 3 years old and as a first-generation immigrant, I've been looking for ways to give back to my family, as well as my community. Having earned my bachelor's degree from the University of Central Florida back in 2016, I was met with the reality that as a psychology student, I had to keep pushing. Energized, I moved down to Miami and applied at NSU where I'm currently working with the Suicide and Violence Prevention team, Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Prep team, and GrASP. My best suggestion to you would be to look inward and tap into yourself to realize what you bring to the table. It could be your childhood experiences, your previous occupation, your culture, or maybe even your second or third language. Odds are, there are students, as well as faculty members, here who would love to help you strengthen these skills and acquire new ones so that you can help students who, although they don't know it yet, need someone like you in their lives. If you'd like to talk some more, need some words of encouragement, or just want to say hello, reach out to me.

Jessica Newman


I’m Jessica Newman, a specialist student on the three-year track! I am a 2021 graduate from the University of South Florida, where I double majored in psychology and statistics. So far in our program I have gone through school-based practicum, where I feel like I have learned a lot and feel comfortable explaining and sharing the experience with others. I am currently holding a job as a math tutor simultaneously throughout this program, so I can speak on what it is like working while also being a full-time student. My areas of interest in the field include assessments, working with special needs students, specifically those with ASD and who are Deaf and hard of hearing. In our program, I absolutely love how supportive the faculty is. I have enjoyed my time in class with every professor so far, and always know that if I need extra support, I can find it.  

Gaby Paez


My name is Gabriela Paez, and I am a specialist student in the school psychology program. My interests include early intervention, working with children on the autism spectrum, and child psychopathology. In the future, I aspire to work as a school psychologist in a public-school setting advocating for the mental and behavioral health needs of all students. The school psychology program provides many opportunities to practice and acquire meaningful experiences in diverse settings. I am so appreciative of our program as it is a NASP approved/accredited program, it is accommodating to students like myself that work full time and receive immense support from all my colleagues and professors. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. 😊 

Gaby Rangel-Salcedo


Hi! My name is Gaby Rangel. I am from Venezuela, where I studied psychology before coming to the United States. NSU gave me the opportunity to study again here and become a school psychologist. My areas of interest are crisis intervention, culturally diverse strategies, and social-emotional learning to support students. I appreciate this program because it makes us feel a sense of belonging. Can’t wait to meet you!  

Student Engagement

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