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2015 News and Events

Air Force Veteran Studies Behavioral Neuroscience to Help Others Who Served
Friday, 12/11/15

When Carmen De Jesus enrolled at NSU in 2012, she brought to the classroom her six years of experience in the U.S. Air Force including two tours of duty in Afghanistan and flight missions across the Middle East. She had lost friends killed in combat, and seen other veterans suffer the effects of brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Psychology students present at Psychonomic Meeting
Thursday, 12/10/15

Three students from NSU’s College of Psychology presented their work at the Psychonomic Society 56th Annual Meeting held November 19–22, 2015, in Chicago, Illinois.

TQR 7th Annual Conference
Wednesday, 11/25/15

Please consider coming to South Florida in January of 2016 for our three-day event organized around our theme – “The Futures of Qualitative Inquiries” by sending us your creative ideas for paper and panel presentations, as well as intensive workshops.

Psychology Alumna Recognized for Pioneering Work in Treatment of Self-Injury
Tuesday, 11/24/15

Operating a residential treatment center on a horse farm—where patients seeking help for addiction are paired with rescue horses as part of an equine therapy program—is only the latest challenge for NSU alumna Wendy Lader.

Professor Vince Van Hasselt - NSU Distinguished Professor Of The Year
Tuesday, 10/20/15

Professor Vince Van Hasselt was recognized as the 2014-15 NSU Distinguished Professor of the Year at the Annual Faculty Reception. Dr. Van Hasselt was selected prior by the College of Psychology as the COP Distinguished Faculty of the Year.

Summer Research Internship Completes The Circle Of Learning For Neuroscience Student
Wednesday, 09/16/15

Working in a laboratory to study the science behind a neurological disorder was a dream internship for Ezana Assefa, an NSU junior who participated in the 2015 Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) at Washington State University in Pullman, Washington.

Psychology Alumna Helps Others Reduce Alcohol Consumption Using Their iPhones
Wednesday, 09/16/15

Alumna Samantha Domingo was making a difference in her field even before she completed a doctoral degree in psychology at NSU's College of Psychology.

Distinguished Psychology Professor Prepares Students, First Responders for Crisis Situations
Wednesday, 09/16/15

Van Hasselt, Ph.D., recently honored as Distinguished Professor of the Year at the College of Psychology, directs clinical services at the college's Psychology Services Center. Those include the Adolescent Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Program and the Family Violence Program.

Psychology Graduate Recognized for Research on "Reframing" Working Memory
Saturday, 07/11/15

During his senior year in the psychology program, Honors student Matthew Welhaf examined the role of working memory in his research project "You're Not as Dumb as You Think You Are: The Impact of a Metacognitive Reframing Intervention," which received an honorable mention at the 2014 Undergraduate Student Symposium.

Students Honored by Broward Sheriff's Office
Monday, 04/20/15

For the past few years, students at Nova Southeastern University have been working closely with the Broward Sheriff’s Department Fire Rescue and Emergency Services in the area of Behavioral Health Training and Research.

Professor Linda Sobell Receives Award
Monday, 04/20/15

Linda Sobell has received one of the most prestigious awards given at NSU - The President’s Distinguished Professor Award of Excellence.

Nierenberg Receives National Mentor Award
Wednesday, 03/11/15

For more than three decades, Barry Nierenberg, Ph.D., ABPP has been a leader in the area of psychology integration with healthcare. His specialty has been working with healthcare professionals in hospitals across America attending to the mental well-being of patients who may be suffering debilitating diseases or other severe trauma.

Students Assist Law Enforcement Agencies
Friday, 02/20/15

For nearly 20 years, doctoral students in Nova Southeastern University’s College of Psychology have helped police hostage negotiation teams across South Florida. This group, called the Nova Players, was recently honored for their work.

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